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Irving Wladawsky-Berger on SOA

May 21, 2007

Irving Wladawsky-Berger’s blog entry on SOA, Services and Business Architecture has some clear and concise explanations on SOA characteristics.

Here are some of those that struck my mind:

SOA has been gaining ground as an effective mechanism for defining business services, the software that implements such services, and the software-based tools that enable people to effectively take advantage of them. Unlike traditional software, SOA is based on modularity, composability and interoperability. It encourages the designers of business applications to make sure that the services, components and overall architecture they are defining properly represent the business view, and not the view of the underlying IT infrastructure.

The hope is that with SOA and the many different tools developed around it we will be able to design, simulate and test business services in business terms – prior to their implementation in IT systems. Such architectures would then be much more reflective of the basic concepts of the business – be it a hospital, a retail distribution center, an industrial organization or a government department – rather than those of the IT foundations on which they are being implemented